SLIK has quickly earned a place in the market with its high-end creations and by working with several renowned designers. SLIK is also the contractor on numerous television shows.

SLIK breaks new ground with daring creations often combining metal, concrete, glass and wood to create authentic architectural works. A great variety of looks, from the coating of a fireplace to the concept and design of a staircase, creating laser panels and the production of kitchen hoods.

SLIK designs and manufactures metal stairs and tailor-made railings. Its skilled workforce specializes in precision welding with aluminum, stainless steel and steel.

SLIK has rare expertise working with high-performance concrete, a chic and durable material that is gaining more and more popularity. High-performance concrete can be used in many applications and finishes. SLIK manufactures concrete counters, shower floors, tables, mantels and more...

SLIK, creations made with passion and pride!